About Us

A Space Surfer Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Space Surfer Coffee Company! We are an independant coffee brand with a mission to fuel your wildest and biggest dreams through each sip of freshly roasted, luxury coffee. Our founder, Cullum Bannerman, is a Soldier in the British Army who knows the needs and the importance of a high quality cup of coffee. Origanlly born in Durban, South Africa, he moved to the UK at a young age. Once he finished School he joined the Army at 16 years old, he is now a Physical Training Instructor in the Army Air Corps, with a passion to sell coffee.

Here at Space Surfer Coffee we have a motto, "Drink Coffee Dream Big", to inspire each and every one of you to go above and beyond to achieve your dreams through each sip our coffee. Reach for the stars and follow your dreams!

At Space Surfer Coffee Company, we embrace and spread the diversity of different flavours and Cultures from Earth. Enter Earths atmosphere with us and take a journey through our beans sourced from small village farms like, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and many more! We ensure that our Coffee is sustainably grown and ethically sourced.

So prepare for lift off and start your ignition sequence with Space Surfer Coffee Company with coffee that not only tatses great but inspires your passion for making your dreams come true.


Space Surfer Coffee Company